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Canvassing The Habitat

Looking at an empty wall gives you an idea to create your own mini gallery of canvas prints as multi canvas on the wall. Interesting ideas skim through your mind. To have different cheap canvas prints of different images equally spaced together and mounted on the wall or break up of one image into varying sizes on independent frames mounted likewise.

lion in search of prey

The idea of having a small gallery of a wild game on multi canvas was no doubt thrilling. It brought back the memorable days of watching the animals in their natural habitat, their ears pricked, to the slightest sound or human scent when the wind wears to the animal -the startle in their eyes in spotting you, and their take off when spooked. What a sight to behold. In getting such prints on canvas, there is more for the canvas printer to perform on the print.

flamingoes drinking water two

Ingenuity To Printing

On selection of canvas prints for the multi canvas display in the drop down gallery, the images selected did not give a desired look as perceived. Therefore a requirement was to improve the image to reflect it into a masterpiece print and customize it. To get the best out of the latest technology of digital printing and give the canvas a look of class, high quality Epson printer was to be used, printing on top of the line matte cotton canvas of at least 360 GSM.  Such a print gives a feel of real painting due to the skill and ingenuity of the canvas printer. Even cheap canvas printing for such multi canvas for the wall is an affordable project.

bird building nest twigs

The Desired effects

Creation of the desired effects for the multi canvas is a specialized work.  This has been made easy by the websites offering canvasses.  Colours can be changed to get the desired results.  Print dimensions and some reconstruction in cropping up of certain images with a perfect combination of all, in a gallery wrap when mounted on the virtual wall were spellbinding. The Cheap canvas prints online when selected for the printer a success story. The quality work on canvas was guaranteed to last a life time. Weather-shielded against dust and weather, the prints hand stretched over kiln dried wooden stretcher frames were appreciated by every eye when mounted on the wall.  The multi canvas arrangement had enchanted the room in an atmosphere of desired serenity.

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