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A visit to a scrap paper ware-house, often proves very fruitful with respect to old books and an occasional rare photo. If you are lucky enough you can even end up with a piece of rare hand painting on paper or even on a fabric. A piece of discarded fabric, which revealed a canvas later on scrutiny, attracted my attention. However, the print was in a depleted form, but its look could be improved, with a few oil strokes to give some originality. I was confident that an experienced canvas printer would produce a perfect replica with adjustment of colours, cropping and touch ups while printing photos on canvas.

an isolated boat

The painted piece of canvas after my mastery revealed that the canvas reflected romance and mystery – the mystique of the sea in respect to its coastline, with a storm tossing onto jagged spurs with a backdrop of stormy clouds all in an abstract illusion. The domination of artist mind clearly indicates the storm-ridden faces and the boat to appear in a mystic yet in an airy atmosphere of glow in the clouds with the lashing winds. 

marshes onto canvas beauty

Genuine In Looks

My suggestions and the canvas printers advice for such an art to be transformed on canvas was important as I wanted that the whole scenario to be first under stood before I have a class photo print in my drawing room. It was just a matter of days before I received the packaged canvas print in a sturdy pack ensuring its safety in transit. On opening the package, cheap canvas printing was greatly appreciated for the colour combinations and texture, which hid the minor observable faults, which were on the original canvas. The look was no less than the painted canvas itself.

shooting sea on canvas

Dramatizing The Canvas

The canvas printed by top of the line Epson canvas printers was hand stretched on kiln dried wooden stretcher bars and done up in gallery wrap now on the wall in my drawing room, genuinely reflects the canvas printer’s expertise. On the artist side, the look in the art represents an essence of nature’s monumentality. The artist had through his strokes of the brush had reduced the recognizable elements, such as the boat, the persons and the coastline to near basic forms while allowing the play of light to dramatize the canvas. The photo printing on canvas projects in totality the sea in mystery and the nature in its immensity

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