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The Solitary Angle

As I sit on a wooden bench in a botanical garden, my gaze fixed on the withering foliage to beige and gold as autumn had set in. The trees in all their splendour are blazing with a vibrant fire in the setting sun. I had selected my isolated single tree for the theme for a single canvas and for an online canvas printing.

lone autumn tree wild

In such a solitary wilderness, the trees have an enormous visual appeal and attractiveness for a special subject on photography. One can explore its vast pictorial potentials as I wondered how an artist with a brush in hand put paint onto canvas with such perfection that the shape of quite a tangible tree in its character is transformed into an artistic subject on the canvas.

autumn leaves falling trees

The Seasons

One can admire a tree in all its four seasons. From the bare branched dryness of winter months to the pale and yellow-green of the spring, transforming into dense and a deep green foliage in summers to an exceptional change of colours taking place throughout autumn. Imagine the canvas print of a one and same solitary tree chosen for canvas prints online as an image to depict the same tree in all different seasons lining in single canvas in the lobby. Each of the stage has its own varied possibility in print for a time sequence.

looking at the wind blown seeds

Interpreting The Canvas

The digital captures the effect as clearly defined against its background of the sky or in its isolation to its surrounding interprets a different prospect to the eye. To give that vigorous look to the image, a sky background needs to be interpreted in term of its appearance with the background. A whitish grey sky may give a flat look which may not be at all appealing, but a dark stormy cloud or a white cloud with a back drop of blue would be a very pleasing site and add a beautiful lustre for the cheap canvas printing. It is how you approach your subject. Taking a photo from a distance or shooting upward from the base up the tree with a wide angle would produce a strong picture for the single canvas on the wall.

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