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Thrills To Remember

To really cherish your memories in a real sense, a person like me gets married twice. Once as you enter manhood, you may get married to a profession of adventure in which you share the world with events as you now look back through your life history while rocking your chair in pension, and your second - a real marriage in which you care for her as she cares for you, and right at this moment, she is sharing my past with a few photographs to be uploaded for canvas printing online for a wall display package.

my military life on canvas

Fond of hunting and fishing, adventure had always thrilled me with snapping some dangerous and peculiar scenes never to be forgotten. Pumped up with the idea of having a few old photos on canvas, I dug into the drawer and selected four photos of one of the events that could risk my life, but now they stand to a cherished memory. A canvas depicting my bunker of loose stones, up in the tall mountains of the north. As I sit on a rock and dressed in battle gear, with a pair of powerful binoculars and looking across and down to a far off mountain river crossing. A young man full of vigor - to subdue the tallest mountains under my feet. 

army life onto canvas tank

Morality To Ponder

Second photo to be uploaded to cheap canvas printing for a wall display package,   catches a helicopter dropping canisters to explode in mid air and disperse anti-personal mines floating down to merge with the green grass. As the area remained volatile, such anti Geneva Conventions may have been a commonly practiced affair back in the 80’s. This way of sealing vast areas to foot traffic was probably an easier approach to difficult mountain patrolling.

trees in colour onto canvas is great

Unforgettable Episode 

A third and forth canvas for the wall display were a hair raising action in which I see myself picking by hand and throwing a live anti personal mine down in a small gulley to explode. The canvas photos from the canvas prints online retouched by the canvas printer take me to those hay days when taking risks was never a problem. The mines took a heavy toll of the unexpected, but it was a matter of time the vary got educated in its disposal. The first few days, the mines remained sensitive to even small vibration to explode. Later, turning over the mine with a long stick in a crouched position could explode it. Still later the mines got desensitized further and subject to quite a number of gangrene cases, it could be picked up from its empty side wing and thrown into a hole to explode.  What a time to remember those thrilling days on canvas.

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