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The new study-room was in fact a box room. Not large enough to give an independent feel or a wide look around. The front wall to my desk was empty of wall hangings, but still the room was ok for a study. The blank looking wall in front could be given a look to ease a tired mind and eyes with some hanging on the wall to kill that monotonous look.  Different options were discussed. The wide framed photos were out as they occupy more space on the wall.  Glass framings are heavy. It was appropriate to chose canvas for the wall. cheap canvas photo prints gives an option to preview the settings on the wall through canvas printing application. Therefore, custom sized prepared wall display package was the answer.

nine flowers on wall

The canvas images were chosen from gallery prints downloaded onto the computer. Different effects were added to the images selected from the website of the canvas printer and the preview option just said ‘great’ when the canvas prints harmonized to the setting for an appropriate wall display package on the wall. All was easy, as all the uploads were customized to size keeping the wall space in view.

perfect family three

A Wider View

Some images selected for cheap canvas prints were light colored with cool shine. For other prints, the effects added made the subtle colors to reflect a peaceful atmosphere, which was important for a small room not to get further darker with sharp vibrant colors. Keeping in view the space limitations, gallery wrap appeared the most appropriate as the stretched canvas printed image continue to the side giving a wide view of not only the frame, but also has an open effect on the room.

three images to look at

Cool Shades In Canvas

It is not always that interior designers are for palace decorations only. The decorator can advise you to add or subtract what is in the small room for a more open look. The designer  viewed the same for the smaller room to thin out the few furniture items with the  wall display packages to be in cool prints and to redo the walls. So, before arrival of the opted prints, the walls were redone with lighter themes in consonance with the wall art, the furniture, curtains and the tiled floor. All the images as they were replicated to acrylic painting on canvas were uploaded for cheap canvas printing for a zealous look.

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