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Autumn On Canvas

Autumn is already in the air. The gentle breeze, now picking up, is rustling the bronze leaves through the trees and as the leaf falls onto the water, creates ripples to ebb on a gentle slope. The colours are fantastic. The colours of red, green and golden hues are shadowing the lush green to a passing spring.  This is a perfect scene for saving a shot in my digital, for printing photos on canvas

three autumn leaves on canvas

Sitting beside the stream and gazing onto the wilderness had always prompted me to throw a tackle at my favourite fishing site. The stream in a gentile flow had created a semi deep pond due to an obstruction of fallen trees now entangled with the rocks down below during the last heavy rains. The water plants emerging from the green and golden algae, breaking the surface of the stream are in perfect contrast to adding colour to already an exuberating scene. This calls for a perfect landscape scene, for a wall display for my sitting room. 

the wind blowing seed

Catching The Ripples

The scene in front is a perfect set up for an artist with a brush. I imagined how the artist would blend his brush with the colours to bring such an adorable spot onto canvas. The impression of the brush to wavering lines will convey the simmering gentle movement of the water and add depth to the scene. Capturing the reflections in the water to canvas in harmony with the colours and the surrounding trees and foliage would be desirous for the artist but at the present, I am the artist at the spot to capture and save these memorable moments to my digital for a later online canvas printing

wall display sepia autumn

Feel The Depth

Putting photos onto canvas for a wall display package was an interesting phase. I had other photos on my digital taken to support the landscape shoot on my sitting room wall. All the photos were uploaded to my experienced canvas printer who after understanding my requirements promised to give the same effects of a true canvas painting as expected, on to the canvas print. On opening of the package, I was dazzled on seeing the results. The texture and the composition of colours with depth was so perfect that one could feel oneself in the frame – as to walk behind a tree and emerge from behind.

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