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The ideas are multiple when it comes to adorning your walls.  What is interesting with having canvases as your frames is that there are multiple options to work on and the customization  options are innumerable.  One can get away with the cheap canvas prints with a matter of a few clicks.  Technology has made life easier for us.  Getting a split canvas on the wall is modern and aesthetically appealing to the eye.

sisters watching over balcony

The Dimensions

Let’s start with the varieties of frames on the offer. There are a number of options in sizes of frames from as small as a few inches to as large as 40X40 inches in dimension.  The setting and shapes of the frames can vary depending on your style and mood.  Larger walls look good with panoramic frames on it.  Landscapes look wonderful on huge frames and also provide a new perspective to the room.  To cover a large area, go for the single image on multiple canvases as the gaps in between the splits lets you cover a large area and you do not have to worry about putting up many things to cover your wall.

work of art as split on wall

The Customization

These canvases can be customized by any canvas prints online site.  When choosing  the colours; from half sepia, to black and white, the options are many.  If you want the classic look to the frame go for black and white or bronze transformation of your coloured image.  For adding warmth to the image select sepia or half sepia. For the jazz look, add blues, reds or even yellow colour to the images.  You could even add etched effects to the frame by selecting options as embossed frame.  By opting for one of these options you would be able to call any photograph your personal work of art.  This would be really appealing to look at, once placed on your wall. 

eifel onto the split canvas marvel

The Textures

One thing to keep in mind while decorating the room is a combination of textures.  Too much textures would look over empowering and a confused look to the room.  On the other hand, keeping the walls blank would give a welcome effect with photos onto canvas frame hanging on it.  Add textures in the curtains and pillows on the bed.  Play with different sizes and materials to make the room interesting and at the same time in harmony with the wall hangings.  So in all, everything has to go together in order to create the ambiance you want in the room.

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