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Shaping The Shadow

The long shadows created by an angled sunlight of a late winter afternoon made a pleasing mixture of black shades worth to be photographed. They become more pleasing when defining part of an object's shape in black with respect to both depth and solidity while leaving the other part as if shining through a screen and giving a lighter grey merging to the dark - the same effect as sun rays filter through the tree branches. To a common eye, the effect may go unnoticed, as part of a composition, but such an effect when uploaded for canvas printing online would bear an artistic touch to the wall.

flamingoes in the shadow

Shadows do effectively mark bold lines or shape of an image to a touch of mystery. Stories revolve around shadows as they give dramatic effects to a scene, particularly when the details get obscured by the shadows. A lightening effect from a single or multiple source showing shadows in depth also heightens the tension effects to enhance a dramatic scene.

shadowy trees look awesome

Shadowy Canvas

Shadows can be made interesting by its effective use in composing or creating a balance in adding interest to an even-toned area. A tracing effect of sunrays filtering through the foliage of the trees on to the foreground in a picture creates a strong feeling of depth with an observable distance. These shadows in the picture are from directional light. In an outdoor scene with the sky cast with intermittent thin veil of clouds reduces the density of the shadows to become highly impressive. The elongated shadows to a setting sun produces effects on the land contours and as the trees bath in the foreground in the skimming shadow effects becomes striking on cheap canvas printing as split canvas when hung on the wall. 

new couple in shadows

Segmented To A Thrill

Adding interest to a portrait or voluptuousness to a female body subjected to studio spot lighting system or reflector lights give a backlit effect as the shadows stream towards the camera. Such a photo cast varying angles of shadows to an image which attracts deep interest to a viewer in aesthetics. Such photographs when uploaded for cheap canvas prints can be subjected to variations in deepening of image effects if required for the final results. As a split canvas, the effects gets segmented to a thrill as they get in towards the main object or out to a more thinning effect.

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