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Selecting One Image

One takes pictures at random; as a hobby.  These photographs of selected occasions give a fantastic look on split canvas. An experienced photographer advised me once that for a split canvas, the application of different textures in canvas prints gives the most pleasing look. For canvas prints online, the drop-down image selection from a gallery suited my requirement for the canvas print mounting, above the mantle in the sitting room.

red house on the harbour

How to split an image and mount them onto canvas print for a combination requires some pre-planning. Such images reflect their own mood in the environment and vibrancies to catch an artistic eye. The beauty of the split is that it bears one resemblance to the main image. 

flowers on the green wall

Textures In One Image

For a split canvas, sizing up to a single image is all the important. Better results are only possible with a personalized effort to subdivide the image into different sizes of your choice before the canvas printer converts them onto canvas and stretched onto a frame. The presentation of an image depends whether you include a few different colors adjusted in the same image of the frame or having the original color effects throughout.  The adjustments of color effects in the same sequence look more adorable. The mounting on the wall if done in a solid color wrap give a good look. The stretched canvas over the frame seems that the image is radiating out to a viewer. Such an upload for even cheap canvas printing are affordable and pleasing to look.

blue wall split image

Embossed Split Canvas

Split canvas deserves a vantage point of display as a nicely done up canvas print in the bed room or the office becomes an important part or to be more precise the focal point in the whole décor. It is noteworthy that if canvasses are hung individually in single image, they do not give an observable look. Split canvas mountings of the same image are very effective in getting one’s attention. The color matching with the walls, the curtains and the floor enhances the already strong visual appeal of the split canvas. Though different texture of the canvas prints décor the living room, but a selection of embossed texture to a split image of flowers in cheap canvas prints for other rooms will also be very much appreciated .

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